Unleashed Innovative Hair Design


Dedicated to only using the best products on the market, Unleashed Innovative Hair Design uses sulfate-free hair care from Pravana and Moroccan Oil. In addition to men and women’s cut and styling, Unleashed also offers accent, partial, and full highlights, gloss and shine treatments, color cleanses, Keratin glazes, smoothing treatments, Japanese straightening, and more.

As an Orlando, FL salon specializing in hair extensions, owner Anton Magro is highly trained and educated in three different techniques. When using the micro-link technique to secure extensions, Magro uses a bead to lock the hair to individual strands of the client’s own locks. With this type of application, there is no heat glue or hair damage. However, adjustments need to be made about every couple of months to ensure there is no matting or other preventable damages. If the customer properly maintains their extensions, they can last up to one year.

Another type of extension bonding is called fusion. By using a keratin-based glued to adhere to individual strands of the client’s own hair, extensions can last up to nine months with proper maintenance. We recommend adjustments every two months.

Lastly, Magro is educated in using tape to attach extensions as well. Applying one inch bundles of hair to the client’s actual hair, these extensions are shorter lived than the two previous mentioned techniques. While these extensions also require maintenance every two months, they only have a shelf-life of four months with proper maintenance.

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